16 June 2018

Emery Smith’s Dangerous Fight in the CURE for CANCER Disclosure | CITD 2018 ~ Edge of Wonder ~ 15 June 2018

This is a nice little clip that Edge of Wonder put together on Emery Smith that highlights his intention and mission to help Humanity. I think it's pretty obvious the guys are big fans.

Please watch here.

Apart from doing this little thing to support Emery in some way, this video also reminds me of something I learnt from a dear Soul some time ago. She had told me about her friend who makes a monthly trip to purchase her supply of high-grade potent fresh ginger which she then shares with others. This friend of hers claims that by consuming ginger daily, we would be able to ward off and cure all diseases.

Her claim intrigued me. I started to research more into ginger, and at the same time, tumeric, which touted the same claim. My internet-poking led me very quickly to several sources whose research demonstrated that the underlying root cause of diseases is inflammation. And of course, both ginger and tumeric are powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

In this video above, Emery states the same thing about inflammation.

This article, which supports the inflammation route, comes from Harvard. Can't get more mainstream than that:

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