24 June 2018

Gemstones & Diamonds: Used by STS as Control Tools? ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 23 June 2018

Source: Magenta Pixie

Question - Is it true that Diamonds are an MK Ultra symbol for "Mission Completed"? If so then how do we know that the transdimensional messages channels are receiving are not satellite signals from dark agenda programs? Over and over these Galactic Wave messages give dates that come and go-----and in the meantime, are any of us actually DOING the inner work we need to? Or are we just waiting for airy-fairy land to transform it all for us?

My response - It is correct that gemstones and diamonds are used by STS as control tools. These codeces have been highjacked by them and as we awaken the codes, we reclaim these symbols as a service to others network. This is discussed in my recently released book 'The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame' part 53, The Aurora Matrix and the Krystal River of Light.

It is also true there is technology that can highjack mind/thought/emotion but when we take mastery over our own matrix we become immune to this technology. This is discussed in depth in my first book 'Masters of the Matrix' and is, in fact, the main teaching within the transmission, that of 'Matrix Mastery.'

There are no 'dates' that are supposed to come along and 'change everything' or for us to suddenly transform without doing any inner work. These dates are linear presentations of a cosmic energy map that presents as a wave/waves not a destination. 'Timelines not deadlines' is the mantra here, to be used for comprehension and processing of the cosmic energy map. This presentation is that of the 'sine wave' in a quantum field, interpreted within third dimensional realities as the 'White Wheel' with node points/choice points/convergence points being the sabbats and to a certain extent the esbats also. So the 'Solstices' and 'Equinoxes' along with other astrological alignments such as the Lion's Gate in August are in fact, points of 'pure potential' which are zero point energy fields or stargates. Because we mirror the cosmos within our DNA configuration we can utilise these stargate points and the pure potential contained within for individual and synchronised global/galactic manifestation.

Magenta Pixie

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