06 June 2018

Healing the Atlantis Wound ~ Steve Nobel with Katy Tucker ~ 4 June 2018

This podcast presented some information that was new and most interesting to me, specifically this part that carries this description provided:
"She also speaks about a special group of beings that held the unity consciousness for both masculine and feminine archetypal energies. This group of Atlantean beings are now returning once again."
Katy Tucker calls this third gender "priestee" (I'm not sure about the spelling).

Katy and Steve Nobel also engage in a discussion about the Fall of Atlantis and how we are going through this time of healing. This is something we are quite aware of, the great healing of the massive traumas over the time of Atlantis, and Katy provides another perspective that may aid better comprehension of that time and how it is impacting our current timeline of Ascension. Strong emotions of guilt, fear, rejection....all this are to be healed now.

There is a healing meditation towards the end.

Please listen in at Soul Matrix.

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