20 June 2018

June 20 through June 25 ~ Gene Key 15: An Eternally Flowering Spring

"To the 15th Gene Key there can be no separation between the mystical and the mundane because life is experienced as an immortal journey through all the mythic strands and stories of human culture.
Through the 15th Gene Key, you stand amidst the mundane as a warrior. The most boring everyday issue can seem to you no less than an opportunity for personal transformation. The great spiritual trials are not met in the extremes but in the everyday — in your relationships, whilst doing the dishes, cleaning the house or going to work.
This is the origin of the mystical saying that in order to find heaven you never need even walk out of your own door."
- The 15th Gene Key, the Gift of Magnetism
“The programming partner of the 15th Shadow is the 10th Shadow, which is about self-obsession, and you cannot escape this polarity. You can only experience it from another frequency. If you can allow the dullness to permeate your entire being without being stuck in any reaction, it will cease to be dull. You will experience it as growth and, at even higher levels, as the flowering of consciousness known as Florescence. This is truly the miracle of the Spectrum of Consciousness — that every Shadow state conceals a Divine Gift less than a breath away. It doesn’t take a process to move from the Shadow to the Siddhi. It is simply a matter of pure acceptance.”

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