16 June 2018

June Solstice Meditation on June 21 2018 at 10:07 AM UTC

It's a relief to see this, because I was about to make a call for people to join me at the time of the Solstice since I didn't come across any calls for a global meditation, until just now.


Thursday, June 21st at 10:07 am UTC
7:07 pm JST in Tokyo
6:07 pm CST in Taipei
12:07 pm EET in Cairo
12:07 pm CEST in Paris
11:07 am BST in London
6:07 am EDT in New York
5:07 am CDT in Chicago
4:07 am MDT in Denver
3:07 am PDT in Los Angeles.

Convert to your local time here.

Here is the Facebook event for this meditation:

English guided audio for this meditation is available here:

Please check for relevant details in We Love Mass Meditations.

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