14 June 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 13 June 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Timeline we are on is determined by what we are allowing into our creative channels -- when we externalize, give our power away, expect something to save us, remain lost in programmings or allow our creative channels to be infected by AI or dark propaganda that produces fear instead of a drive towards claiming victory, we are veering off the trail of our deeper Soul journey

~ Authenticity and being a conscious co- creator and aligning with love and wisdom and ones higher self -- while being willing to self-correct along the way, is all we need.

We are not at the mercy of what the collective does, because we are exposing Truth, living our Truth and living in service to others --

Even though a massive shift is under way that is benefiting all, we still don't have to let the speed in which its moving, to slow our progress down and test our patience. Things are reassuring enough to let go now and really trust, while still being diligent in our pursuit of Divine Justice.

Regardless of what anyone around us chooses to do, we are able to stay on track and be Sovereign, even if the masses don't join us --- but I am getting they will and this is massive!

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