22 June 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 19 June 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Divide and conquer means they have won the War ~ all this nonsense about who is caring and not caring about this or that, is insane to me !!

Maybe care about how your attitude creates division and conflict and raise the vibe up a bit to be of greater integrity, focused on creating constructive communication and showing mutual love and respect to others. If you really want to solve the World problems, don't be the worst part of the problem, which is being an arrogant and demeaning.

If we are divided as a humanity, no positive change is likely to happen -- the most important goal they have is for us all, is to fight amongst ourselves. To choose sides and to be at War within and with each other.

 Focused intention, prayers, team work, activism in the vibration of Unity Consciousness, will make all the difference. We all want the same things (peace, justice, healthy Earth, healthy life, basic human rights, protection of families, ect.) and its a confusing World to navigate and we deserve to have our own individual processes, but if we think differently, it doesn't mean we aren't wanting to reach the same goals, so to rip that away from someone, is rude.

 I forgive and am letting go now.

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