22 June 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 21 June 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I am Sovereign (we all are, many don't know it), I don't care to give my power away to governments or hold expectations that they will save the World or any one leader can, I have already determined that it is us that is doing it, creating Disclosure, Ascension, Unity, DNA upgrades, ect.

The other political stories that need to be solved -- can only be solved when we unfold into our highest potential and when we love each other despite our differences and rise in our own divine power and work towards internal balance. The message that sends to the Universe has no choice but to shift us into a better reality. Unity acts like an immune system to the Earth and the parasites and germs naturally fall away when we stay in a vibration of higher integrity, love and wisdom.

I voted for Gaia actually and the human spirit, that is what I put my hopes, trust and faith in. We all know what dark forces feed on and they live to create scenarios so they can feed. Can't we uplift and support each other regardless of our differences and just share information with a kind heart? This is getting really sad, but I wont go there, cause that would be me giving my power away. Light will triumph over dark, but we have to decide that for ourselves! Light and dark also have to integrate, to create Alchemy and transformation.

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