26 June 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 25 June 2018

Two important and powerfully beneficial messages from Laura Eisenhower.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Our Soul is Nature and if Nature has been dying, a huge part of ourselves was dying too. We are waking up to ourselves more than anything else and we and the Earth regenerate and heal together as we refuse to lose ourselves any further. That power can only bring about justice and a shift into higher Earth energies , divine Bliss realms. It’s a painful journey, but don’t let the pain fool you, it’s just a hidden message that wants to be heard.


With the Crystal Heart of the Mother, now anchored back into the physical planet, connecting with Nature can activate our DNA above all other ways. Just walking outside barefoot and noticing the intricate beauty of flowers, birds, plants and trees and basking in the Elements, our Soul essence is lit up and we begin to connect into the Aether that is now available.

This can transform anything -- Spirit holds dominion over matter. The Elemental kingdoms are going through a re-birth. 

The Aether has not been accessible until this window period, without great effort. It is here now. The Crystal Heart and its tributaries in the earth grid network, used to generate life giving prana, permeating the many layers of the human Collective Consciousness. It got hijacked and went dormant because of this invasion, and it has returned, which can nourish human life back into its true divine power.

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