01 June 2018

Magenta Pixie and Jeff Daugherty: Can New Agers And Truthers Be United? ~ 29 May 2018

Great job, Magenta Pixie and Jeff Daugherty!

You can listen to their discussion here. I'll ramble on a bit below.

This is how it can be done, this is how Lightworkers / awakened ones can come together and cooperate in Unity Consciousness. To all major and public Wayshowers, please take note! It's time to come together as one massive collective community and end the control system in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken. No more bashing each other up, casting doubts, judging, drawing boundaries, building followers or divisive camps! No more (mis)interpreting another source's information and creating friction! It's time for us all to grow up spiritually!

(I amuse myself greatly whenever I write something like that....I do not post on social media, so which major and public Wayshower is going to read that? Still, I will continue to do this whenever the spirit strikes....)

This is a very good discussion, in my opinion. I feel that Magenta Pixie explains several topics very well and in such a way that can be easily comprehended. Granted, I think that Jeff (I'm not familiar with his work) has already dipped one whole foot into the "New Age-y" stuff, so he can readily agree with what Magenta has to say. It would admittedly be a lot more challenging for a hardcore Truther who is totally allergic to the Rainbows-and-Unicorns stuff to find common ground. More difficult, but not impossible.

What I find more disconcerting is the disunity within the "New Age-y" factions. It's so obvious that the different sources in this "category" are being played like a fiddle.

There's a part in this interview which reminds me of the Hidden Hand Dialogue. It's when Magenta said that it's as if the controller elites are pleased that we're making progress (I'm paraphrasing). In the Hidden Hand Dialogue, the message was that those at the top echelon wanted to help Humanity positively ascend to their next level, although they themselves are attempting to go the way of "negative" ascension so that they can also escape the reincarnation grid and transmute their negative actions, and return to the Light. This is also something that I've heard Andrew Bartzis mention, the "negative" Ascension, although I don't recall him elaborating much more than that.

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