09 June 2018

Mesmerising Moment a Massive ‘Milk Moon’ Sets Captured in Magical Video ~ RT / Daniel Lopez ~ 8 June 2018

Before we have our breath taken away by the gorgeous footage, let's take a moment to appreciate that alliteration , above....

Source: RT (include video)

An amazing video of a full moon setting behind a volcano has to be seen to be believed.
The epic footage, uploaded by Daniel Lopez for NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, shows the moon in all its glory as it sets behind Mount Teide volcano on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

The video was taken using a telephoto lens set up 16 kilometers from the volcano, meaning the moon appears gigantic.

The moon also appears to be moving at great speed, but the astonishing motion is really just down to the Earth rotating. The footage isn’t a timelapse either, “this is really how fast the moon was setting,” NASA explains.

The moon’s looming presence appears even more dramatic thanks to the people gathered on Mount Teide, who appear tiny in comparison. The group had gathered to watch the sun set at the other side of the volcano, NASA said.

The video was filmed on May 30 and captured the month’s full moon, which is called the ‘Milk Moon,’ ‘Flower Moon’ or ‘Corn Planting Moon,’ names which derive from Native American tribes’ descriptions of the different phases in the lunar calendar.

(Video link here.) 

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