18 June 2018

Metamaterials that bends, shapes, and focuses sound waves ~ Resonance Science Foundation

This is definitely SSP tech. I don't fully understand the Physics behind this, but I certainly appreciate the cool video clip!

Source: Resonance Science Foundation

Left-handed metamaterials make perfect lenses that image classical electromagnetic fields with significantly higher resolution than the diffraction limit. Here, we consider the quantum physics of such devices. We show that the Casimir force of two conducting plates may turn from attraction to repulsion if a perfect lens is sandwiched between them. For optical left-handed metamaterials, this repulsive force of the quantum vacuum may levitate ultra-thin mirrors." -- Quantum Levitation by Left-Handed MetamaterialsTheHorizonDrive
As eluded to in a previous commentary, metamaterials have been described for the use of a novel zero-point field vacuum-based propulsion system known as the Horizon Drive.
In a recent feat of technological engineering, a collaborative research team have made a metamaterial that manipulate sound waves in astonishing ways: bending, shaping, and focuses sound waves.

Bruce Drinkwater, Professor of Ultrasonics at the University of Bristol, explained: “In the future I think there will be many exciting applications of this technology. We are now working on making the metamaterial layers dynamically reconfigurable. This will mean we can make cheap imaging systems which could be used either for medical diagnostics or crack detection.”

Read more at: http://www.nextbigfuture.com/2017/02/metamaterial-that-bends-shapes-and.html

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  1. Im impressed you have energy to do this lightwork, IVe recently lost mine:

    1. Hi Sword :) Believe me, there are days I'm just draaaagging myself around.

      I read your post, I don't blame you for venting. Best way for me to deal with what's happening (or NOT happening) is to do what I can for MY OWN journey, day by day. This as well as whatever Lightwork I can or feel like doing. And no blind faith in any one source ;)

      We still have our OWN journey, no matter what.

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