04 June 2018

Moksha - Remote Viewing Freedom from Reincarnation ~ Technical Intuition ~ 20 February 2018

Moksha ~ a new word that I learnt today. This was posted somewhere else but I can't recall. Moksha is the liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth.

I've watched a couple of sessions from Brett Stuart before and found his work fascinating. In this session, Brett actually covers amazingly accurate depictions of his team's remote viewing ~ the information brought forth both validates and augments our understanding of the reincarnation grid and control system, and best of all, from a totally different perspective.

Please listen in here.

Some highlights include the following. The video has way more details so please Soedo watch that:
  • The viewers' description of the target location (Earth): an "innocent planet" that has had a barrier or gird around it that traps people and objects; a deliberate function that acts like a cage; a form of perverted injustice occurring; harrowing, bone-chilling; refugee camp; magnetic force that stirs and agitates; a net that's been spun, that catches and releases; massive grid around the planet; souls are drained at the expense of energising something else, clockwork nature over long expanse of time
  • Very high-tech shield around planet, so high-tech it's almost like "magic"
  • Magnetic vise, squeezes tightly around the Earth
  • People are lost, they don't understand what's happening
  • Souls are being "bent back" towards the Planet (reincarnation grid?)
  • What happens to the Soul? The mind and body is splayed and fractured each time it's pulled back into the reincarnation grid; something is being extracted and taken from them without their conscious awareness to power something else; Brett uses the analogy of extracting honey from the bees.
  • Souls are being fed on by external parasitic force
  • Some warped, sadistic and twisted force is behind this process
  • How did this begin? Planet was viewed with extreme envy by external force, at that time there was no reincarnation grid; massive war when Planet was invaded and those who were protecting the Planet lost; Earth was "given up" in an armistice.
  • How to achieve Moksha? Brett describes the release of the Soul from the body as cosmic particles being expelled from the centre of the nervous system, and technically has the freedom to go anywhere instead of being trapped in this hostage situation; however, this is dependent on the angle from which the Soul exits the body, a 45-degree angle was mentioned; if this is attained, there is a group of Beings that will help Soul escape, it's like they are the safety rope; Brett feels that this group is connected to the one that was formerly protecting the Planet; fear also prevents most from escaping; achieving Moksha is analogous to having all the vise-grips and cables being ripped out of the head and finally being liberated.
  • Why was the system created? This control system is just a small component of a larger system; the controllers are like demons; the alchemical process of the mayhem and negativity on the Planet's surface feeds the controllers; some of these energies or Soul aspects are extracted and shipped off somewhere else; "enslaved", bundled up like twigs for kindling; massive amount of injustice; system was created to provide fuel and energy for other systems and conquest (sort of like to feed the expanding "empire"); the energy empowers the massive system.
  • Who is responsible? A council of organic entities that exist in a sort of timeless "bubbles" of void zones from where they exert their influence on other timelines, essentially immortal; they have set themselves up as gods and view themselves as such, believing in having "authority" to control; they are very evil, service-to-self; eyes are "blazing white"; when the viewers remote-viewed these beings, they are aware of being viewed but they are dismissive of the viewers, it is of no relevance to them; they are bent on conquest and perpetuating a system of control.

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