05 June 2018

North & South Korea's Historical Moment: Behind the Scenes ~ The Cintamani Factor ~ International Golden Age Group

The miracles that can unfold when Lightwarriors and Lightworkers come together and create Divine Magic.

Source: For International Golden Age Group

Dear ones:

Here is an amazing story of victory, I would love to share with you.

Before North Korea’s president Kim Jong-un, shakes hands with South Korea's President Moon Jae-in at the Military Demarcation Line that divides their countries ahead of their summit at the truce village of Panmunjom on April 27, 2018.

Actually, We(International Golden Age Group) conducted a top secret project for Korean border(Korean Demilitarized Zone), we have two volunteers of lightwarriors from China of our members, they have carry forty five of cintamani stones, along with 1,420 km of the border, drove their car for spend nine days of time, and finally completed the whole cintamani light grid with buried cintamani stones, this is what we call as named as “Melting Iron Curtain project”! 

We have two crews of team for implement with this project , there is included buried cintamani stones in North Korea domestic of territory(several cintamani stones were buried on the mountain or dropped on the ground, consideration in safety aspect with military surveillance of North Korea)
After they’d done this tremendously mission, then miracle were happened! Accurately in nineteen days, we like to call it of this operation was a great new victory milestone of human history!

Now, you see, Kim Jong-un is going to meet with Vladimir Putin in Eastern Economic Forum, in Vladivostok September, such a big progress in the world!

Cobra has ever recommended, people live on surface of earth, ought to create their own light grids, to anchoring more angelic vortex energy into planet earth, this is a true story were occurs in our reality, we should take it as a demonstration to building more light grid on earth, that is the mission belong of all lightworkers and lightwarrios can do. Unity together, shining the whole worldwide !

So, in here, we like to share with you and encouraging with each other, we have various resources of each aspects within our group, we now have over 5000 of members, across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other 10 countries. Globally, there are tens of thousands of people following our activities.

Within five years, we have hosted seven Cobra Conferences and many other activities.our official association has registered, and if you willing to create more cintamani light grid , we’re definitely love to helps and giving of energies support, include provides cintamani stones, some particular of quartz or crystals, addition shipping to the countries that we could reach.

If you’re willing to implement and create more light grids on earth. You can contact with IGAG.

Golden Agegoldenage777777@gmail.com
then we could go further to discussion.

If you willing to know well of us, you could visit our website, or you can attending our Monthly Stellar Ray and Ascended Masters Ray Remote Healing Session.

Since Ascension Conference 2018, most lightworkers are more united and activation their determination of free will, let us manifesting The Event, accelerating liberation planet earth!

Victory of the light

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