05 June 2018

Planetary Energies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 4 June 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

So after my creative week-end I decided to check in on the Planetary energies. Well there was a Solar wind on the week end, so that accounted for why I felt so tired! Then we are also coming up to the 6/6 on the 6th of June. This is a "minor" time gate in which timelines can be merged or changed, but usually in magical ways. 

We are still under the influence of the Pleiades, but moving away towards the Sirian energies and the big 8/8 Star Gate and Time shift. As we move away, we are given a last "blessing" by the beautiful Pleaidean energies, and this is the gift of the 6/6. 

I am always aware on this day that the Cosmos is offering blessings of abundance, and that we just need to be open and aware to receive them. 

Then, the energy is also rising as we move towards the powerful Solar Gate of the 21st June which is the Solstice. This pivotal point of balance always challenges us to achieve our own inner balance as we prepare for the Planetary New Year on July 26th and the Lion's Gate on the 8th August. 

So, we can expect that the energies will be intense once again, but also with a sprinkling of fairy dust and a touch of magic and star blessings. 

Enjoy the week!

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