08 June 2018

Point of Bifurcation ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 7 June 2018

It's my understanding that The Event will be a major burst of Cosmic energies (perhaps an understatement), and that what we are going through now are a series of "minor" waves that are setting the stage and prepping the flock ~ energetically.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

There will be a point of bifurcation -- some may call this the Event, which I feel is already underway.

We are not going to be able to share the same time-line with Artificial Intelligence. The whole idea of AI, GMO's, nano-particles in Chemtrails, vaccinations, ect. -- is to make the body in-hospitable for Spirit and Soul, so that it begins to become modified into a Souless entity that can be inhabited by dark energies or controlled electronically to serve Elitists

~ When we commit ourselves to coming into the physical regardless of the pain and initiations, to be the override frequency and we make our biology as hospitable as we can for Soul and Spirit to be fully integrated -- we actually heal genetic mutations and neutralize the weaponry and alchemyze whatever AI signals may have infected us.

When we choose love, compassion and things like integrity, joy and laughter -- we invite our higher self to participate more and we create the space for Ascension energies to come in, and we get the downloads we need to guide us, while we also protect ourselves from the Artificial Timelines. Aether energy is available to us and Spirit holds dominion over matter.

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