22 June 2018

Sacred Timings are Essential ~ Gaia Portal ~ 22 June 2018

I promise you, I just read (or perhaps heard) somewhere ~ can't recall where ~ earlier today about right timing.

Lee, new Gaia Portal for you :)

Source: Gaia Portal

Sacred timings are essential.
Clarification nears completion.
Foundations are ready for the massive transmutation.
Inner readiness is essential.
Inner awareness is the key.


  1. LOL even with special attention, how's that for boosting my ego .. ;)

    Well if I still read those scripted telegram messages at all, then just for amusement, thinking if these voice-of-god bunker nerds really think they can fool us forever. Not even sure if Eire port are a knowing partner in crime, or if they honestly still believe their source is Gaia. But that detail does not matter to me.

    Eventually the card house will collapse, and voice-of-goddies can only procrastinate the process by trying to bind us to their ring. I stripped that one off a while ago after realizing the sources of these looping messages. Feels like same parrot consciousness as the one behind S. Nidle and M. Quinsey.

    The maya sandbox is there for these kids to play, so may they play their senseless game. Fine with me :)

    1. "For amusement" is a good idea :)

      On a serious note, however, it's interesting that you mentioned S Nidle and M Quinsey. They both had to stop channelling for a while after an illness.