15 June 2018

SOULSTICE & Global Soulstice Activation/Unification of Heart & Soul June 20 in Preparation for Solstice ~ Maureen Moss ~ 12 June 2018

Source: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,


Being immersed in the daily downpour of exquisite Diamond Light New Creation Codes from the Heart of the Creator, the Galactic Center, Planetary reconfigurations, and through Stargate Portals… within and without… an opening has been made to activate, ignite and unify the spiritual essence behind our physical form.


The opportunity for enlightenment has never been more energized nor heightened!




On May 18, one day before my birthday, during the thrust of Uranus into Taurus I experienced a massive heart opening spewing forth Pure Joy.


For hours it felt as though my heart was embracing the whole of the Planet and I infusing Light and Joy into every corner and every One I was near. Never in this lifetime did I feel more like my Self. The level of Joy, Aliveness, Love and Perception was unparalleled.


My mind crystal clear, knew a never before portal was being opened for the first time within the Sacred Hearts of those prepared to step into their second life and usher in the next phase of Human and Planetary Evolution.


On May 22, four days after my birthday my Soul came to me during a walk amongst the tress and said, it is time to for Me to come all the way into you. Bring Me Home.


My eyes leaked tears for hours. My mouth said, I promise.


Later that night I opened the book "Redvelations" and read the line, “It is time to exist as Life and Love Itself.”


And, on May 31, twelve days after my birthday Lord Metatron informed me that a new Tree of Life was being established through the marriage of the Heart and Soul.


The true meaning of embodied enlightenment is to bring forth the full voice and potential of our Soul and our Heart as One Illumined Maker of our life on earth. There is no other way for Life to work.


The dynamics of falling Diamond Light codes from the sky, swift re-directions, upheavals, cracks in matter, implosions and explosions on earth and in us is setting each on an impossible to ever turn away from Union of Heart/Soul/Mind in order to Live and Love as never before.


Most can feel the burn, the ache, the desire to come all the way back now into one unified field of Wholeness/Holiness inside their bodies. It’s unbearable to be apart from ourselves once we ‘get it,’ really get the reason we came to this earth.


So many years of chasing the wrong purpose… attempting to pick fruit from fruitless trees…and partake of fallen codes of Creation.


Enough of that.


On June 1, The Creator/Creatrix…Mother/Father God entered my thoughts and heart as They do and prompted me to bring forth Soulstice, A Global Activation/Unification of Heart and Soul one day in advance of Solstice (or two for some,) in preparation for an amplification of humanities re-direction and heightened space of opportunity both on Solstice and continuing throughout the next three months.


Their Essence will be present as the guiding Light.


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Know You Are Loved!





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