13 June 2018

Special Pre-Solstice Event this Saturday with Anrita and Sandra ~ 12 June 2018

We use the term pure Photonic Light because the quality of this Light is of a pure positive polarity.
It balances negative polarities and distortions, shifts the magnetics of our hearts, bodies, energy fields and beloved Gaia.
It leaves no stone unturned in its effects on de-polarising and re-polarising all creations into alignment with the highest frequency of Divine Love (Source).

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

I AM honored to co-create a special event in preparation for the Solstice with my dear siSTAR, Anrita Melchizedek. Please join us on Saturday, June 16 (12noon PDT) for a unique High-Vibe video conference.

We recorded a beautiful heartfelt New Earth Cosmic Conversation about our experiences, changes in the body, Ascension, Wayshowing and the activation of New Earth crystals. This was the first time we had spoken in the physical, however you can feel the star lineage and Wayshower camaraderie shining through our connection! Details on the June 16 event and how to register are below the video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=AuIn0fhouuM (video)

Special Pre-Solstice Event: Ignition of the New Earth Diamond Crystal Templates
Saturday June 16 from 12noon – 2pm PDT

Join Anrita Melchizedek and Sandra Walter for a wonderful video telewebinar transmission in preparation for the Solstice gateway.

As we deepen into the Unified Field of Divine Love through the HUman heart grid, a new flow presents in energetic communication and expanded bandwidths. As creative gifts and passions ignite and activate more deeply for the Light Tribe, we find ourselves with the ability to connect with the kingdoms, elementals, nature intelligence and nature spiritual intelligence.

In particular, in this Now, it is the Crystal Consciousness that amplifies in frequency, fusing with the Diamond Light spiraling forth from both the Cosmic Heart of God and the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. This fusion creates the New Earth Diamond Crystal Templates, bringing online new geometric templates of Unity Consciousness; of Joy, Abundance, Manifestation, Peace and Harmony, as together we step into the next level of forward evolution and involution.

Crystals are a physical representation of higher consciousness, just as we are. They are living beings; some are used as communication devices to higher realms, some are encoded by our future or past selves for this Now moment of Ascension. They teach and share as holographic guides.

Please read on....

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