08 June 2018

That "Something" Again....

Johanna Wright
This is just me, rambling....so please pay no attention to it if it feels like gibberish to you :)

Over the past few days, I felt that something has happened. Okay, something is always happening in this time of high volatility and energetic flux, but I'm referring to a specific "something". This specific "something" has resulted in strange and/or unexpected information coming out in cyberspace. Just today alone, I read or came across three sources of information that made me go "huh?" from Wayshowers that I often feature here on my blog.

Okay, I acknowledge that I don't always resonate with everything that I post here (and I always urge you to use Higher Guidance), but these three messages just totally didn't jive with me at all.

Coupled with this development is the unexpected reaction from some pertaining to the Divine Masculine energies that are coming in pretty strong and steady now. It feels to me that the backlash to these energies is the need to control the Divine Feminine. Those who may have a challenging time integrating the Divine Masculine are acting out by controlling or even "stealing" the Divine Feminine energies. Not suppressing or perverting the Divine Feminine, but controlling or stealing.

For those who are strongly expressing the Divine Feminine, do take precautionary measures when interacting with people in your circle. 

Again, this is just my take on what going on, energetically. Please treat this post in accordance with what your Higher Guidance tells you :)

Namaste and Blessings!

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