14 June 2018

The Choice ~ Alexandrian Kosmos ~ 13 June 2018

Chris Saunders
Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

What do we believe our purpose on Earth to be?

Are we here merely to maintain the social order that we were born into in order to serve as replacement bodies for our ancestors born before us?

Do our beliefs about our purpose on Earth include a consideration for the environment that we exist within through Mother Earth?

Religious systems teach that humanity is more than the physical body and that we have an internally derived purpose through the One Spirit called God.

Many have not carefully examined their own beliefs. It is unlikely that they will do so in the very near future. Could it be that most do not want to acknowledge the process of Change in our world, where the only constant is Change itself?

“Safe thinking” accommodates our expectation that the future will be the same tomorrow as it is today. Most humans follow the protocols of the past in order to ensure a foreseeable outcome for the future. This is the thinking process that minimizes risks in life by denying their existence.

By denying Mother Earth’s active role in mankind’s purpose on earth – as if our purpose on earth were established by individual willpower rather than a shared endeavor – humanity
assumes that the landscape of our environment will always remain the same.

This is the heart of our current predicament, Dear Ones. We are accompanying Mother Earth as She journeys into a new and shared experience of Fifth Dimensional Time, Space and Motion!

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