29 June 2018

The Event.....NOW! (Graphic Representation)

This is lovely, Majid Ai!


  1. I just posted this at The Portal and thought after all this bit on your blog in the last few days about the concept of “Deta” ~ I’d also share it here...

    After “Gamma” comes “Delta” ~

    the Triwave/Trinity/Pyramid/3 wheel bicycle form etc.....we all know so well in our own ways now...

    look it up (Delta etymology) for amazing string of applicable and very pertinent meanings etc ~

    Indeed Delta is the entrance of the “Del”
    (Also up amazing etymology)

    And we are currently now in the “Bardo”.....

    Bardo is Old Tibetan linguistics for the place between Death & ReBirth ~

    The state inside the lifting of “The “Bar” before the “Door” opens, where we spread our ashes into the soil to seed and fertilize our new growth into New World.

    This state can be enjoyable......

    Ever think of drawing oneself into a state being “Passionately Patient”?

    We can’t do this toooo fast now as the energies are now tipping to the other side of the teeter totter......we are here to ease in the new flow & glow

    There is a reason why The Tortoise ( also linguistically sounds like Torus/Taurus but with and extra T for balance)

    The Tortoise teaches passionate patience inside The Bardo ~

    And so this is why there is most certainly a V for Victory inside the Mother Goddess/Moon symbol ~ The Turtle. Everyone knows the Tortoise and The Hare story.....

    This is why Ancient North America used to be called Turtle Island ~ for the deep energetically metaphysical reasons that the Tortoise holds inside its grasp.

    And so like the turtle, passionate patience is very delicious if you can get there....

    to practice & learn to become this state of being.

    this is truly what speeds up this process in a vibratory victory sense for us ~ if you can practice the illusionary “slow” way of passisonte patience...totally in love with the moment & sharing that love.....it actually operates with the opposite dynamics “time” wise....


    get to the Bardo passionately and with much tender loving in order to open The Delta ;)

    Anger and Despair ~ are the low friction opposites to passion and tender loving. Low friction lowers your frequency and bars you from Heaven.

    Passion turns to Anger if suppressed, and tender loving turns to despair.

    To Despair is to separate the “coupling” in electronics ~ Des Pair
    & of course, we certainly do not want to do that, as we are all desiring to actually do the opposite.

    To Flip the upsidown Kyak ~ right side up ~ To Rise in Love so that we can truly breathe Life again. Life through Love.

    You know.....

    To Turn “Nevaeh” (Never) into “Heaven” we also have to turn “War” back into “Raw”
    (Raw/Rah = Ra/Radha)

    *just saw that one linguistically last week

    Delta is also a general generic linguistical term for The Nile River Delta.......

    (Of course winks Wadjet in her most chucklingly loving way ;)

    The Delta Wave
    The Healer Wave

    The faster we rise in Love full of Passion & Tender Loving the sooner we can all reach the Del-ta together says the rabbit.

  2. And then I added this just for fun:

    *Btw on an utter (udder) sidenote says Govinda ~ there is a Cow in Moscow & it also houses such a Rainbow Persian flare to it with its rainbow flaming Persian-esque looking Mosque Peaks...Moscow! Mmmmmmmmm....

    And the name of the Russian Mystic “Rasputin” has “Raspy Ra Asp Put In & Putin” ~ All appropriately in it (!!)
    & even more of a Marvel, backwards it spells the spell that knits his/their twin brother back up & together with his true love again ~ all so that we can soon all experience true love again.

    ““Nit Up Sar”” (& “Sarinah”) ~ knit the opposites together and then house them inside each other.

    **dbl side-note: I started saying to some students last week, Wouldn’t it be amazing in the our world here, to see men desiring to be such a deeply integrated part of the birthing/baby process with their soulmates that during nursing, he would hold the child to the woman’s breast from behind her, hugging each other and the child together ~ all in one form (as though they all “shared” the womb) ~ and so the 3 truly becoming one energy of love together at once.

    I have never seen this, especially in public! But soooooo desire it...
    Many of my students replied in response to this imagry that it should be a sculpture or work of art on display for people to see & I said, what do you mean (??), why not have this as a real experience for yourself and for everyone around you, for Real & Not just left to be a sculpture of possibility rotting on a distant shelf somewhere, but an act of our root loving truth, truly manifested!

    How beautiful would that be.....