17 June 2018

The Eye of the Storm - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - 16 June 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The eye of the Storm - We can transform toxic perceptions into truth!

Triggered and inspired by the Star Elders, assisted by Archangel Michael, through Aluna Joy.

I don’t know anything these days for sure. I only see what is in each moment. For some odd, reason unlike most of the last 20 months or so, I feel really darn calm at heart.
Now the outer world is doing anything but being calm. I have never seen this unimaginable level of crazy, scrambled egg chaos in all my decades of watching the Earth.

From our personal, inner lives, to family, to work, to community it is all completely messed up with major communication issues. We watch ourselves vacillate between unnecessary freak outs regarding our personal financial situation, like “Oh my God! I am going to have to retire in a cardboard box.” and move to feeling totally abundant and literally forgetting how many zeros you have in your bank account, and if it even matters. Then we have watched the fracturing apart of global affairs and decent human rights and security. Not much feels like truth these days. That is because we are entering a higher vibration where current truth will have to evolve into an even higher level. So, in fact, much of what we think we know right now could really be fake news! Lol.

It feels like humanity is skating on very thin ice, but oddly that ice feels pretty darn solid under my feet right now. (By the way this could change at any moment :-) It’s almost like my heart knows in spite of not being able to trust absolutely anything outside of myself, somewhere in there I know all is well.

My heart feels calm, and yet I question it. It has been so long since I felt deep calm. This peaceful feeling almost feels scary. It is a curious conundrum with all the goings on around me. And why do I feel this now of all times? Has the over the top, totally encompassing global chaos grown so vast that now it has just turned into white noise that we can simply leave in the background and ignore? Have I, We, Us, finally found the eye of the storm? I am not complaining. I like it. And I hope it stays this way. Not the chaos part though. I am talking about the unshakable peace which feels like something is just starting to hatch inside me . . . like an ancient dragon buried deep in my heart.

Now, on the other hand, my body is still reacting to the intense energy. This IS part of the plan toward physical ascension. We have mastered all the other levels, and now we are down to the densest level of existence . . . and that is our human space suit by the way. It is loaded up with history, ancestral memory, massive survival issues, and has recorded every wound and blessing that we could have ever experienced in a human body. Let's just say it is a very messy filing cabinet that needs to be sorted out. It is not about our consciousness anymore. It is about dumping out the out of date energetic memory from our physical bodies. Let’s face it . . . we have all faced the monster in the mirror more times than we would like to count. We have dealt with these issues spiritually and emotionally. Now it is the body‘s turn. And for some odd reason, I thought this would be the easy part.

I see many people struggling with similar physical issues. Over the years, I am sure that everyone reading this has become accustomed to a plethora and long list of ascension symptoms which are most likely still ricocheting at some level through many people reading this now. The major symptoms that I am noticing out there are these: There is a new level of anxiety that seems to be hitting the gut in particular. This recent energy (roughly about the last six weeks) really has been a kick to the gut. The physical aspect of the solar plexus is getting a huge work out. We are seeing a lot of people with big digestive issues (I totally recommend aloe vera juice, because all of my other remedies in my toolbox have quit working). This time has also been quite a pain in the neck and shoulders too, some of this has ricochet down to the lower back. It is enough to make the body squirm and gasp for air. I recommend getting some quality bodywork and do a lot of deep breathing.

Even though we are mostly working on physical ascension these days, we are still seeing some emotional flareups along with the physical symptoms. Let’s face it . . . when you don’t feel your best, you tend to lash out. And don’t you just hate the guilt we feel afterwards when we do this? Regret is a bitter pill, especially when we already know better, because the issue was really our personally property anyway. But it is no wonder.

These times have been completely inconvenient to our current plans for the day. And forget planning for next week or next month. A message has been echoing through my mind, a quote from John Lennon . . . “Life is what happens when you’re making plans”. It is time to get really fluid. Remember all those innocent days when we could plan a year in advance for a week vacation. If you manage to plan ahead for anything, it seems to take a lot of extra effort to make it anchor and stick.

At the moment of this writing, all we are experiencing has very little to do with solar flares or magnetic storms as it has in the recent past. I don’t think it has much to do with earthquakes either. But my suspicion is up regarding the Hawaiian Big Island volcano which is on area 9 of the Robert Coons ley line map. I am still digging into this trying to understand what this means. Intuitively I know that the Earth is literally vomiting out new, amazing fuel from which we will be able to create from. What this means for us right now, your guess is as good as mine. But all I hear is that all this crazy stuff is heading in the direction we all want to be going. Of course this is not easy to see when you open your eyes and look around the 3-D world, or turn on the news, or get lost in your family drama, or freak out when you look at your bank account, etc.... I am telling you, there is no stone left unturned and no integration time. Remember that ol beautiful integration time. Sigh....

We are down to scraping the bottom of the barrel of what is left of hidden, in our outdated codes inside of our DNA, and the memory locked inside the iron coursing through our veins. All misscreations and out dated truths cannot go along with us on the ride to full ascension and living mastery.

Now for a second, I would like to talk to your body, your human space suit, if you don’t mind. I am not kidding.

Here goes . . .

Listen up all you human spacesuits. You are going along with the soul that is attached to you if you like it or not. So you might as well give up and get with the program. Trust me. It will get easier for you if you let go of the past, and let your soul direct you into the future. Remember, in these days in time, your stored history is now your enemy; not your friend. History cannot save you like it use to. It will only hold you in the past, and cause you suffering and even illness. You are now entering a new time. So embrace the adventure.

I am seeing right now that Archangel Michael has set up the biggest garbage dump that I have ever seen in my life. He is going to dump all your unnecessary history, ancestral knowledge and wounds that you have collected over eons. And if you want to . . . NOW . . . right now, you can now dump all this unnecessary baggage in this huge garbage dump.

Our blue flame warrior Archangel Michael (and someone that probably should be performing at a local comedy club as he is in rare form today), said he will recycle the energy to be reused in a higher form. This will become a deep, powerful well of new energy that will be available to humanity any time, as needed.

Ok that is done . . . .

Now . . . You guys know that you are already more a living master, than not. I am just saying that it is time to own that. You have already tipped the scale toward mastery. Now you just need to tell your body what you need from it. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Take care of your body in any way that it needs taken care of. Take care of it much like you would take care of any tool that you are responsible for. BUT sternly tell your spacesuit what you need from it. After all, it is YOUR vehicle for manifesting your soul's intent in this world.

Ok . . . that is it for today!

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Ps ... an after note vision... 😉
We are about to do an energy dump of global proportions. Talk to your body and let it know that it has not choice but to come along for the wild ride!

The more we share this message, the more we will clear ourselves.

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