06 June 2018

The Four Basic Social Laws: Excerpt ~ Sheldan Nidle

Here's something from Colleen Marshall (PAO website here) that I felt would be beneficial to copy over, and I'm keeping the original format intact:

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Today is Tuesday which in the past meant Sheldan Nidle Update day. Now we present updates every other Tuesday. Today I was looking through Sheldan's first book, "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human" (out of print). I was instructed by Spirit (instructions from Spirit is happening more often ~ love it) to post the information on the Four Basic Societal Laws. This information can also be found in Sheldan's book, "Your First Contact" (click here for more information).
This Guardian nature that the Spiritual Hierarchy originally gave to all humans is a great gift, for it was based on a democratic system of social laws with four explicit aspects. These four laws can be used by human civilization to conduct itself in full accordance with the Spiritual Hierarchies. They also enable every human to reach full consciousness, thereby achieving full service for themselves and especially to each other. In applying these laws, Earth humans will earn their place in the great galactic guardianship plan for the entire human species. And they will bring human civilization to its fullest possible flowering. Accordingly, let us consider these four laws to see exactly what they represent.


Excerpt from Your First Contact and You Are Becoming A Galactic Human books by Sheldan Nidle

The time Lords created within their realms a physical human presence. It was done because the Spiritual Hierarchies needed a guardian to spread Light and Love. Rules governing right relationship for humans were also established by the Time Lords and adjudicated by the Spiritual Hierarchies. These rules are called the FOUR BASIC SOCIAL LAWS.


The goal of every being is to discover their soul path for personal growth and service.


The power of creation can be utilized through loving closeness with another being. This close relationship with, and caring for another, leads to a deeper knowledge of guardianship.


The bonding created by one's close relationship with self, friends, family and clan develops the web of global or planetary interdependence.


The Law of Four is the Law of the Three expanded to larger groups such as clan-to-clan and planetary-to-solar (star) system.
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Its spiritual path is the Kha (soul force or path) and its ritual is the Kha Ahn.


Its spiritual path is the Shree (energy of a personal closeness) and its ritual is the Shree Ahn.


Its spiritual part is the Koo'Shee (energy of family and planetary group knowledge) and its ritual is the Koo-Shee Ahn.


Its spiritual path is the Khas'Koo (solar, galactic, and universal group knowledge) and its ritual is the Khas'Koo Ahn.
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Understanding the Rituals:

The Law of the One is simply a concept of interconnecting reality and the oneness of life. Each person will have a specific spiritual path that is co-determined by the spiritual guides (guardian angels and angelic judges) assigned to them and also by the Time Lords acting under the divine plan of the Supreme Creative Force (God). Everyone's goal is to discover and utilize their chosen spiritual path for personal growth and for service. This energy path is the Kha or the soul force itself. To enable the Law of the One to be successfully developed, each of the four laws were given a specific ritual or rite, called an Ahn, which would help an individual to understand the Ahn's essence or ritual pattern's meaning and then employ it to its fullest extent.
As indicated in the Law of the One, we have the Kha Ahn or the rite of the soul force. This belief in service and personal growth, which comes out of the Law of the One, was reflected in society by a series of clan (supra familial) organizations that acted as focal points for rites of the soul force's service energies. Once these initial service energies were actually incorporated by the soul force, then a foundation for service could be brought to the Law of the Two. for example knowledge of your purpose in service to others established a link to your own self worth and allowed you to more easily relate this value to another.
The Law of the Two is the law of relationship. It simply states that the power of creation can be utilized through loving closeness with another being. From this closeness, you treasure the deep connection with another and move from a single self-awareness to a deeper knowledge of guardianship by use of join, or one-on-one, love energies. The Law of the Two is the basis for applying a combined guardianship service through a partnership of Love and caring. Its energy is the Shree Ahn, the energy of the closeness.
The Law of the Three simply states that your relationship with yourself and your closeness with another~~as well as to your friends and family~~could all be bonded together. This bonding could help to explain and interpret the great web of interdependency that it crated, since fully conscious Beings have to understand who they are and know a way to successfully ground themselves in their reality. Thus, ground rules are needed for this expanding web of interdependence. You see, the bonding of the union of self with the creative force, in closeness with another (intimate relationships), needs a means that will allow this energy to be brought forth to new generations.
This Law of the Three also has an Ahn (rite) and this Ahn is simply called the Koo Shee. The Koo Shee is defined as the energy of the family and planetary group knowledge or the creation soul force of the Light of Lights. It was the hope that these Koo Shees would successfully allow one to move simultaneously through the concept of self to closeness with the group. These levels of consciousness would then help one to understand how these interconnected groups evolve into the Law of the Four.
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The Law of the Four is one's relationship not just to the planet of residence, but to the solar system that it is a part of, as well. The Law of the Four was related to what was called the great Khas'Koo of the star system or the energy of solar, galactic and universal group knowledge.

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