28 June 2018

The Game Board of Your Life ~ Lucia Rene ~ 23 June 2018

Source: Lucia Rene

Let’s start here: You are entirely unique, a particular strand of luminosity that has emanated from Source. You may have had lives on other planets, in other solar systems, other universes. You may be a new soul, here on the Earth, in your early incarnations. But, bottom line, you are unique.

And that means that the way you play on the game board of life is unique.

So what is the game board? Well, from where I sit, the story goes something like this…
A long time ago, in a place far away, a decision was made to originate an Experiment in Consciousness on a beautiful planet called Earth. The Pleadians sent out a call for DNA components (aspects, talents, skillsets) and then, architected a plan for life on Earth.

When it was complete, they handed it off to the Sirians for engineering and implementation. There were other species involved, of course, but those are the two I am the most familiar with.

Being that I arrived from Sirius, and having had something to do with the engineering piece, I did some QA when I first arrived on the planet. QA is an acronym for Quality Assurance. It’s a computer term. Once you’ve built a computer system, you test it rigorously, i.e., you need to insure that the quality of the system is good, that it has been implemented to the engineering specifications, that it performs the way you expect it to.

So, for example, in those early days of the experiment, when Earth’s energy was very clear, you could focus on an individual flower, register the signature of the DNA, and follow it back to the star of origin.

Put another way, you could gaze at a fern, then follow the essence of its substance back to the planet and the culture that had donated it.

You could basically do the same by focusing on anything on the planet. You could do individual queries to your heart’s content. And it was fascinating!

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