11 June 2018

The Nikola Tesla FBI Paper

This was circulating in Cyberspace for a few days now, so I finally took a look today.

I just roughly scanned through the document, which centred around Nikola Tesla, his tragic death and the ensuing tug-of-war over his work and legacy.

The main buzz over this document, which is from the FBI archives and is now unclassified, is that there is some information in an "Interplanetary Session Newsletter" written by Margaret and John Storm, that clearly states that Tesla was a Venusian brought here to Earth and raised by Yugoslavian parents (image above).

This is reminiscent of Omnec Onec (below).

What caught my eye was this report by a John Trump, which with a little poking identified him as Donald Trump's uncle. I don't think he was an avid Tesla fan (see image below).

You can download the document here.

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