17 June 2018


Source unknown for now
Just a quick check-in....

I've been feeling so exhausted over the past few days, and literally collapsed on the sofa last night after dinner because I felt like I just couldn't make the effort to move. I felt that an old episode of Star Trek was in order, and after watching it, practically dragged myself to bed. I didn't even get past the first 5 minutes of my meditation before I fell asleep.

Today is very much better. That must have been some energy wave that finally knocked me out. No, not an energy attack, because I actually felt so peaceful with the energies. I could quite happily immerse in the energy forever, if not for the body-like-lead condition.

I hope that someone finds this helpful in some way. Sometimes I'm asked to give an opinion of what I'm sensing, so that's what I've just done :)

And oh, one more thing I forgot to add, I was just reminded of it when I read Meg Benedicte's update (to be posted after this).... the old is becoming so far removed in terms of connection and relevance. The feeling that it's fading more and more has been strong lately.

Blessings and Namaste 💖

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