25 June 2018

Triad Wave / Tri-Wave: The Pathway Forward ~ Brenda Williams

The Triad Wave
I was really glad to see a comment from Brenda Williams of the Triad Wave (website here, fb page here) on my Bi-Wave & Tri-Wave post (here), which I will reproduce below because it provides an interesting background as well as additional information about the Triad Wave system. As I was jotting down notes for that post, I had initially included the Triad Wave as an example, but decided against it because I wasn't sure if it was related to the topic as I didn't have an adequate understanding of its system.

If you've been following the story of the Triad Wave (which had to cease for a while, but is now thankfully back!), you will appreciate Brenda's comment:

'Yes, Grace, there is absolute validity in your post...and thank you for opening the door for more exploration. Our timing is NOW and it is exciting and validating to see many who are beginning to understand the beauty of the movement into our “next.”

First, the Arcturian art from Janosh is beautiful. I am not surprised as Arcturian Technicians were an intrigral part of the EarthProject777 TEAM. The Bi-wave IS our original design...you are correct that it is who we are in our Human Form. It was determined that within our Original DNA, all possibilities existed and while we are a “closed circuit”, we had the solutions to all challenges. However, we were compromised and lost our ability to work within our own system. There are many versions of how that happened...it is sufficient to say that it happened and we were caught in the “loop of repetition.”

EarthProject777 was a collaborative effort of many Universal Star Systems to understand what had been compromised within the Human as it received, decoded and used information and why it was no longer able to function at the higher cosmic level. After sometime, it was determined that a new, more advanced system that could not be manipulated was to be given for our use here. The Triad Wave Sequencing, a three-part sine wave system, was tested and found to be a way the Human Bi-wave system could function outside of the control and manipulation. It is, in fact the Tri-wave. It allows us, while fully within our Human Form/Container/Body, to have access to our Higher Cosmic Intelligence while still moving within our Soul Purpose here on Gaia. It is often referred to, in our working mode, as the “three legged stool”...the most stable of structures. The three segments open our pathway for expansion of both our physical form and our cosmic intelligence. You mentioned the Fibonacci Sequencing...it is the building block...and yet, in the Bi-wave configuration, it is constantly moving out (searching for what’s next rather than using our innate, internal system for solutions). It was determined that in order for it to be upgraded, there would be a “fold-over” that would allow us to utilize the fullness while in our Human Form...and that was accomplished many years ago as the three segments began their work here on the planet.

It matters not if you refer to it as The Triad Wave or the Tri-wave...it is our pathway forward. Thank you for your beautifully written piece and for sharing. As for the “dates” we are given only to find nothing happening...we refer to them as “markers”...points where attention is gathered providing an amplification of vibration to assist as we focus together. There is an old saying that was given in one of the early encounters with my off-planet advisors...Time is the control mechanism that holds the Human in limbo and confusion...Timing is the way of the Masters, flexible and ever-changing."

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