19 June 2018

Updates from Laura Eisenhower

Source: Laura Eisenhower

If we want to know what our Soul looks like, just look at Nature -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Aether -- all the animal Spirits we relate to at different times. We hold receptors and affinity with all the plants, herbs and fruits and veggies ~ that heal us.

The whole process of decay, death, rebirth, Alchemy and transformation and if we pay enough attention to the beauty of Nature, we pay more attention to our Soul development and we continue to upgrade our DNA and become a Merkaba Light body bad ass, able to come and go from the physical as we please -- dropping light pellets on all who are trapped and need divine inspiration.

Nature is the World Soul and we carry the same Soul -- if we purify negative Ego tendencies, we clear and purify our inner elements and then the Earth responds to us and takes is into higher dimensions of the Earth experience, where contamination no longer exists.


13th gate Mother Arc is activated -- it is impacting all ley lines and Stargates in a positive way. The 13 families high-jacked this number and created so many Wars, so that the Mother energy couldn't be in the Earth body ~ the Electrical Wars, Lemurian Holocaust, Atlantian Cataclysms, Nephilim Wars -- World Wars, and on and on!

Well you can't kill the Souls, cause we all come back again and again and dark agendas may try and genetically modify us so we stay in zombie amnesia -- but its impossible to separate many of us from our Soul and Spirit. Now all we need to do is connect with the Mother Earth, trust this Ascension that is unfolding and starve the beast Matrix. Even if we have to wake up in it, our Consciousness doesn't have to!

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