15 June 2018

Words + Thoughts (& Emotions) = Creation

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David Wilcock is recognised for his gift in sifting through volumes of (often dry) data that is seemingly isolated and sometimes obscure, identifying and extracting pertinent content, and then presenting them altogether in a long string of connected themes to create a higher perspective and bigger picture. This is something I truly appreciate in David, and a major reason why I enjoy his Wisdom Teachings episodes.

In his latest season 29, and specifically episode 9 (Speaking Reality Into Being), David explains ~ using science ~ how words and thoughts create reality. Words and thoughts are energy that are less dense, and with focussed intention, these energies become more and more "solid" until they manifest. We all know that in theory and practice, but not necessarily scientifically. Well, I didn't, anyway :)  You may already have figured it out, but when David showed how the dots connected, I was stumped for a long time. I already knew the separate segments of evidence, but didn't pull them together to see the scientific connection. I had stopped at the sacred geometry part, and didn't go further to connect it with the tetrahedron.

Cymatics (& Dr Emoto's work)
We know about Cymatics, and how certain frequencies produce sacred geometry, which is present throughout creation. I would also like to include Dr Emoto's work, which demonstrates the effects of words on water molecules, because to me, this is also important.

Words and Thoughts
We know that our words and thoughts are energy forms, and are therefore frequencies or vibrations. They produce geometry, or distorted forms, depending on the vibration.

The Amplituhedron & Tetrahedron
Physicists Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka have identified a geometric building block (akin to Lego building blocks) that they call the Amplituhedron.

Scientists like Buckminster Fuller and Nassim Haramein believe that the Tetrahedron is the basic building block of the Universe.

The Amplituhedron holds a tetrahedral lattice form.

So then, our words and thoughts produce geometry, which can be visibly seen in Cymatics experiments (and also through Dr Emoto's work). These geometric patterns are building blocks, taking the basic shapes of the amplituhedron or tetrahedron, which have been scientifically accepted as basic building blocks. The more we create these patterns, the more amplified and dense (or "packed") they become and then ultimately manifest ("solidify") in our physical reality.

I would also like to include emotions, which produce strong vibrations or intensifies thoughts.

Words + Thoughts + Emotions....that's why this is a potent combination for creation!

So simple, and yet so stunningly profound....

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