22 June 2018

You Are Here To Fly ~ Lee Harris ~ 21 June 2018

You are here to fly
And you are here to let others
see you fly.
Lee Harris
Source: Lee Harris

If you are depressed, you do not go to the other depressed person in the room, you go to the person who looks nurturing, loving, joyous - whichever dose of energy balance you need. But you do not go to the other depressed person in the room for two reasons.

Firstly, they are invisible to you. You are so consumed with your own depression and experience of depression it makes it hard to see that in others.

Secondly, we say this to you, you don't go towards the depressed person for there is nothing in the energy field of that person that can give you a positive chemistry reaction. They are almost invisible to you for there is too much alignment. But the person who is different from you is who you gravitate towards or who you find yourself paying attention to in the room

Big Love Lee x

- From my MP3 The Light Beyond Fear.

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