06 June 2018

You Can't Pray This Away ~ On Point Preparedness (Michael) ~ 2 June 2018

I'm usually quite allergic to religious overtones, but when I listened to this short message from Michael, I couldn't agree more with his on-point revelation (pun unintended). There is an overwhelmingly huge number of prayers from all over the world for people and situations in need. I believe, and I know many will agree, that we have reached the stage where we are close to breaking point.

Michael feels that the solution is his Soul Prayer ~ "Jesus, come quickly!" and put an end to all of the chaos. We could emulate this and call forth the Christ Consciousness or yes, The Event.

Please watch here (and try not to be distracted ~ as I was ~ by the little one, who is beyond adorable....)

PS. Thank you for sending me this, Lee 💖

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