27 July 2018

8:8 Lion's Gate and the Hidden Doorway ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 25 July 2018

This (free version) update from Lauren C Gorgo is like another version of the same theme that Aluna Ash has talked about ~ collapsing/releasing of the old contructs and linking up with the new while simultaneously building it.

Source: Think With Your Heart

The tide is rising to another major culmination point as we move into the annual Lion’s Gate passage (7/26), followed directly by the full (blood) moon/total lunar eclipse in Aquarius (7/27)…and with Mercury turning retrograde to boot. 😬

Where the first partial/solar eclipse acted as a somewhat aggressive activation/trigger point for the triad, the second (lunar) eclipse will serve as a release point…releasing the karmic bylaws that we have lived by for multiple incarnations.  This is the really deep, lifetimes-old stuff that has kept us bound to the wheel of reincarnation and we now have a solid opportunity to lay these illusory storylines to rest. For good.

Releasing these karmic storylines, and the template that housed them, not only enables us to release the real life circumstances that were created out of that template, but it also offers us an opening to activate more of our (higher dimensional) DNA…the higher genetic material that sustains us in light-body form.
In the unfoldment of the complete Self is alignment with that which brings you the most fulfillment.
With Mars retrograde all summer (winter in south), Mercury on his way, and three life-changing eclipses, we have no choice but to dedicate ourcellves to this thorough and comprehensive process knowing that as we unhook ourselves from the past we free up necessary life force reserves needed for our reconstitution. This has meant withdrawing our life force from our external lives (yet again 😞)…projects, relationships, activities and environments…in order to reroute our reSources inward.

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