30 July 2018

9+ New StarGate Codes Opened Up/Activated/Delivered/BEcame Available/Dialed In - This Week ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 29 July 2018

Source: Awakening to Remembering

We are in heightened/hyper photonic frequencies daily now, where each's own self-awareness, self-accountability and self-mastery are KEY.

Increasing photonic activity exacerbates, makes distortions more visible/louder, for each to go within to SEE and clear that programming from within.

Collective akashic clearings, deep inner-matrix re-workings continue to increase daily, as any old ego/linear constructs continually dissolve. Ego aspects rampant, in an attempt to lash out out of fear of loss of control, seeking attention... all a part of this process... and easy to shift when you can see "clear"ly and don't hold that duality inside anymore.

Collective askashic clearings mean all occurs on a GRANDER SCALE. So, what used to be just one, here or there, or a few... multiply that by the entire world now... amplified distortions as illusory belies/realities exacerbate, FOR THE ENERGY that" allowed "that" to be REALity, to become more visible/seen/resolved from within.

Some will notice nothing, others will notice everything, some just here and there.... as all is relative to perspectives and how each "views the current realty/world"... through their own lenses. Fractaled or as a part of the whole... to blame or as the purpose/point... to appreciate as a gift or to see as the fault.... perspectives are everything here. The more you expand your perspectives, the more you can see, the easier all is to maneuver/shift.

Our own perspectives determine how we each experience, how we greet each day, how we treat each other, view others "actions" and how we deal/do/embrace.

We've entered a "new passageway" that will continue through this Lion's Gateway Opening, with new Star(Gate) Codes/Coordinates dialed in/released two days ago (on the Eclipse). These can cycle many through old dimensional timelines/programs, clearing anything within that represented any duality still. Full presence/awareness and choosing to resolve/dissolve inside is KEY. The "triggers" will be as "huge/big/small/minimal" as the energy/program is.

Are you able to BE YOUR BRIGHTEST LIGHT (no matter what)... and keep your mind and heart open at all times now?

Please read on....

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