19 July 2018

A Small Fragment of Solara's July 2018 Surf Report

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Source: Solara Anani


July begins with a fresh burst of energy from the Winds of Change as we enter the second half of 2018. Now everything is being put ON THE LINE in unimaginable ways. There is a sense of urgency to finally align ourselves with our True Position and our True Purpose. We are now realizing that there is nothing to wait for; there is nothing more to postpone. We are now ready to walk with True Steps!

During the past two months, parts of our beings were propelled deeper into the New Reality, while other parts of us are still inhabiting our old reality. It's similar to making a huge move across the world and part of our family is already living in our new location, while the rest of us are still in our old location, left with the task of tying up loose ends, getting rid of old furniture, making the final packing and cleaning up our old dwelling so we can rejoin those of us who are already living in our new landscape.

While this is happening, we may feel stretched out like a wide open fan. Now we have to find a way to reunify our being on a totally new level. We have to move our entire being into the New Reality. July's emphasis is, "Completing the old, frees me for the New." This month, we are preparing ourselves to make a massive shift, which will begin in earnest in August.

July is a month to be ultra alert of where we are putting our energy. We need to use our finely honed discernment as to what we allow to affect us. If we align ourselves to the New Reality, there's the strong possibility of major breakthroughs, Quantum Leaps and wondrous new opportunities. But if we remain hooked into duality, we may actually go backwards.

Throughout July, we will be asking ourselves the question, "WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? " This month presents us with crucial choices that will affect us, not only for the rest of the year, but for much longer. 

• • • We can stay on our SAME TRAIN on the OLD TRACK and continue on as usual with the SAME PEOPLE and our SAME BAGGAGE. Yet if we do this, it might not take us to where we expect to go. We may think that we are traveling in our usual direction, but could well end up somewhere we don't want to go. Our train may get lost in an endless tunnel or we might even derail. 

Or we could simply arrive at the end of the old track and discover that we have lost our way.
The familiar life we've known is not going to continue, as much as we might like it to. Duality is collapsing all around us and creating much chaos and debris. Old roads will not take us to our expected destinations. This is because there are new conditions which are affecting everything. These new variables are obstructing our old pathways, forcing us to make surprising changes and unexpected detours.

• • • We can CHANGE TRACKS and make a conscious choice to go into a new direction. But if we are still traveling in the SAME TRAIN with the SAME PEOPLE and our SAME BAGGAGE, we will have some new experiences, but we won't go as far as we hope to go. This is because we will be traveling into a new direction, but not our TRUE DIRECTION. And we will still be carrying our old emotional residue, limited beliefs and old behaviors with us. These all have to be jettisoned if we really want to move beyond duality.

• • • OR, we can CHANGE TRAINS and TRAVEL on NEW TRACKS! Here, the possibilities are endless. This is how we leave duality and go deeper into the New Reality. We will be traveling with a mixture of new people and some of those whom we already know. We will have different luggage with new items in it, such as the tools for our future, as well as some special touchstones of Trueness. And we will definitely be going in our True Direction.

Life is precious and it's important that we don't act as if we have endless time here. What if we were going to die within the next five years? What would you change in your life? What would you do differently? What would you make haste to do? What do you need to release or heal? And if you only had one year left, how would your priorities shift?

Looking at our life this way shows us what is truly important to us. How would you spend your time? Or your money? Where would you put your energy? What people do you want to be with? Where would you like to live? What projects do you want to complete? What people have you touched and perhaps changed their lives? How have you made this world a better place?

This year is CHOOSE IT OR LOOSE IT! Our thoughts and actions are increasingly creating our reality and if we don't acknowledge and embrace what we really want, it might disappear. Deep down we know what to do, but can we break through our old conditioning, our limited circumstances, our false sense of security, our narrow beliefs and our fears and doubts? Time will tell and what is manifesting now is giving us clues.

Let's not wait until later to do the things we need to do. Or the things we most want to do. Let's not wait to express our Love and Support to those who are dear to us. Let's not wait until later to shift our temporary priorities to our REAL PRIORITIES. Let's not wait until later to align with our True Purpose and serve humanity. The time of waiting is over. Let's not wait a single moment more. 

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This is a small fragment of Solara's complete JULY 2018 SURF REPORT. The Full JULY Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of JUNE 2018, Where Do We Go From Here?, Our Forgotten History, Life is Precious, Into our One True Being and the JULY 2018 Overview.

Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German, Russian and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado: http://mercado.nvisible.com/surf-report-subscriptions/ 

Thank you to Keenuane Umai for use of your beautiful mandala!

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