20 July 2018

Activation of Diamond Body Energies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 20 July 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

As we enter into the coming week with its major Galactic energies, we will also experience the activation of the Diamond Body energies. This is a layer of Diamantine Light that is activated within the cells and creates an inner light or glow that is visible to the naked eye of those who are in the fifth dimension and higher levels of consciousness.

What a wonderful gift. You will feel more energized and experience more clarity through the Diamond Body.

But, you will also undergo some deep purging as the Diamond Light clears out the cellular dross in your physical being.

Time to glow and shine in every way as we head into the Lions Gate for 2018.

There is still time to join our webinar series where we will talk about the Diamond Light Body and its emergence!


  1. Sounds like "manasic vibration" mentioned by Paul Otto Hesse in der "Der j├╝ngste Tag / The Recent/Present day"

    "“In the Kingdom of God which will cosmologically be established with the Day of Judgment, those people, who have achieved mastery over low thoughts and desires and who have become Sons (Perfect Beings or Masters) while abiding for ten thousand years in a state of darkness, will shine like the sun in their manasic auras. They will be brotherly friends to all those people who have been accepted but have not reached a state of perfection yet."


  2. and I wonder ... if the inner ear "ringing / high pitch frequencies" may refer to this ...

    “The inner ear can perceive it (the Word) in the hidden language of the All Pervading Spirit as revelation of the Love which must be felt and realized by man and which creatively makes the universe and our thoughts vibrate if we experience this Vibration of Love consciously."

    1. Thank you :) I'd like to think of the ringing as Divine Frequencies, and that our cells are being tuned to a higher vibration. Blessings