05 July 2018

Affirmations for Re-Evolution! ~ Ra-Phah & Shan-Tal-Oh with Seth Buoymaster

I  choose to command what follows from my True Eternal Authentic Presence:
* I choose to be completely disconnected from the Incredulous One, the scientists, all the scientists' creations, the confiners and all connected to them now and forever.  (Notice the shifts)
* I choose to live life 100% in eternal life alignment without the De-Evolutionary scheme complex and all born from it now. (Notice the shifts)
* I choose complete healing from all the effects of the De-Evolutionary scheme complex and all born from it. (Notice the shifts)
* I choose personal power Restorations so all foreign energy exchanged with the De-Evolutionary scheme complex and everything born from it to be pulled, purified and integrated to appropriate place and time to bring about the highest and best for all. (Notice the shifts)
* The time is NOW to shift the paradigm of mindlessness to mindfulness, to shift from De-Evolution to Re-Evolution!  (Notice the shifts)
* Life is advancing everyday for the greater good of all free from impediments.
* I AM evolving far beyond the De-Evolution scheme.
**Action- Spend as much time as possible through the day appreciating and loving yourself, others, the planet and all its forms.

** Ra-Phah & Shan-Tal-Oh with Seth Buoymaster                           Art by Bob Ross

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