27 July 2018

Aluna Ash Energy Updates ~ 26 July 2018

In this video message, being the first day of the New Galactic Year and the start of the dimensional shift, Aluna Ash advises us to clear and heal what arises so that we can step into our Mastery as a Galactic Human, and then to assist the newly-awakened in their process. She encourages us to get through this period, after which everything is going to shift rapidly, for the better.

In this second video message, Aluna Ash describes the 72-hour period after the Total Lunar Eclipse where major shifts are occurring. Everyone will feel this in some way.

This last video message explains more about the second "sun" that Aluna Ash mentioned in a previous update. This is an artificial sun that is the reflection of the artificial Matrix of control system, which is being dissolved. An Arcturian Mothership is transmitting energy waves to assist, in addition to the natural Cosmic energies. The veil around the Planet is an artificial energy transmission that keeps us from the non-physical, and this is also being dissolved with assistance that we are now receiving.

Aluna Ash also explains that the three pulses of energy she talked about before are coming from a Mothership (this reminds me of the information Alkesh brought out a few years ago, which tells of Motherships helping to channel massive bursts of energy when the time comes for this to occur). Galactic Intervention is taking place.

When we see through all the illusions, we free ourselves.

Please listen to the videos for full details.

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