29 July 2018

Ancient Texts & Their Meaning ~ Marco Lopor ~ 28 July 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

All the ancient texts reveal something interesting about the original teachings and the current times.

If you read the religious sentences with the eyes of those who understand the electro-magnetic nature of the human being, then you will simply detach the real meaning from every word.

" I will walk by Faith even when I cannot see. "
This simple inner declaration activates your cells to work with Love.

"I am not alone because the Father is within me."
It was a way to explain that you have to trust your inner voice, when you cannot see where you are going.

Your inner voice is the voice of your Higher self. The Father is the Pineal Gland, your connection to Source. You cannot feel alone when the Father is active in you, because You are always connected.

I will trust the power of my Higher Self to guide me in every situation. This intention activates your Divine gifts. The Higher Self tries always to communicate with your consciousness, but only when you surrender and live in the flow you can start the connection.

When you lose any fear you can embody the Light of the Creation.

" All the forces of Darkness cannot stop what God has ordained. "

This, maybe, does not need any explanation, but shows what is happening during the current times.

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