30 July 2018

Ashtar Channeling 1990 - 1999 ~ Eric Klein

This link was given by an unnamed reader ~ many thanks! ~ in conjunction with "The Crystal Stair" by Eric Klein. The transmission is from Ashtar through Eric, and it's just over an hour long.

You can listen to it here.
Description given:
This recording of the channelling is by a man called Eric Klein from Santa Cruz author of The Crystal Stair a guide to ascension & other books - it was part of a series of teachings to students given by Ashtar, Sanander & other Masters over a period of 6 weeks in Feb 1990. There
were only 5 copies of this recording onto old c90 tape....
A lot of traffic noise was removed using noise cancellation as a result some parts of this recording have bubbling noise artefacts in the quieter moments this should not spoil your experience however. Special thanks go to Janis for rescuing this taped recording. If you have similar recordings please drop me a line so we can link these together thanks ...

I would like to add some comments of my own here (edited to include missing parts ~ 31 July 2018)

Firstly, I do not know if this transmission is authentic. I have listened to it, and I find that I resonate with the energy of the voice, the message and the overall delivery. Ashtar provides a broad perspective that revolves around the Ascension process, in particular the "First Wave". He also speaks about the terra-forming of the Planet back to the pristine condition she was in before she fell into the lower dimensions to accommodate the devolving Humans.

If you are familiar with this sort of narrative, which is similar to the information that is contained in "Project: World Evacuation" through Tuella, then Ashtar's transmission would not seem alarming at all. The concept therein is for our Planet to be totally transformed into a 5D world, and that means no mobile phone towers, electric cables, highways, factories, nuclear plants, concrete buildings etc that were meant to distress and pervert the environment. In addition, rivers, oceans, lands, skies all need to be cleansed. The sunken continents of Lemuria, Greater Sri Lanka and Atlantis will need to be re-surfaced. In other words, all lifeforms need to be relocated elsewhere while the terra-forming takes place. Apart from Motherships, one other option is being housed temporarily in Inner Earth.

From Dolores Cannon, we know that such massive terra-forming can take place in a very short duration of time (not years but days, weeks) and has been performed all over the Universe.

Assuming this Evacuation Scenario is Plan A, I'm of the opinion that we've already gone through Plan B, Plan C, or even Plan D.

Plan A was before the Congo Invasion in 1996, and certainly well before the knowledge of the existence of toplets and perhaps even strangelets. I think it's quite fair to say that if this 1990 channeling is authentic, it was at a time when the Ashtar Command wasn't yet aware of the more dire situations that were either existing at that time, or about to unfold.

The Plan outlined in this transmission is certainly a good one, and if executed, would change the Collective Consciousness practically overnight. Ascended Masters walking the Earth in great numbers, teaching and guiding the rest in their Awakening and subsequent Ascension. This, to me, is like an Ascended Master's version of Shock&Awe. People would be jolted awake almost immediately. The Collective Consciousness would rocket sky-high. It's no wonder that the Congo Invasion happened when it did, and why the mind-control and programming drastically escalated in the Nineties. The dark simply could not allow this to happen.

Curiously enough, there is some text added to the video in the beginning that warns about the Galactic Federation. The claim is that there is no such thing. Usually, people who reject the GF notion are not Ashtar-believers. The provider of this recording clearly believes in Ashtar ~ and Ashtar Command ~ but not GF.

In this transmission, Ashtar is eloquent, compassionate, dedicated and witty. I did enjoy listening to it. He also recommends reading Keys of Enoch.

Finally ~ and I hope I'm on the right track and I've properly tuned into my Higher Guidance ~ while listening to this transmission, I could feel the high and loving energies of Ashtar coming through.


  1. I am sorry about the confusion of the unknown reader, as I forgot to select my profile before sending the email..

    Wowww, Grace, that was a nice addition to the provided link of Class 2 from the Crystal Stair book. I loved reading your comments as they were definitely right on the mark.

    As you mentioned, I also felt very good vibes about the channeling of Ashtar and it definitely lifted my spirit.

    Thank you for the additional link of "Project: World Evacuation" through Tuella as I filed them as an Adobe pdf to read, when the internet might give us trouble in these upcoming turbulent times.

    Love and Light,

    1. You're most welcome, and thank you! It's not a problem about the name, many don't sign in to comment, it's just too many requirements to get through!

      Yes, I actually love the transmission. It felt like I was being bathed in a loving, high frequency energy when I was listening.

      Could I ask for a favour please? If you do have more transmissions from Ashtar via Eric Klein, please could you send them this way? I've tried to look for more on the Internet, but I think they are rare than a pink Cintamani! Many Blessings to you <3

  2. Thanks for sharing! And the download link for the book seems to have expired... any possible way you could share the pdf again?

    1. Here you go :)


  3. Namaste Grace,

    Here is a link from COBRA's blog that might be interesting and it concerns the Ashtar channelings.

    Thank you, Jonathan CartyAugust who has posted it on 22, 2018 at 8:20 PM


    Love and Light,

    1. I will get to it, thank you for this, dear Marijke :)
      Love and Blessings