30 July 2018

Authentic Free Will ~ Galactic Historian ~ 30 July 2015

I Am Worthy, I Am Enough.

Source: Galactic Historian

Why is darkness unable to simply take spirits from True-Light beings?

This is because one's Will cannot be taken by force, even by a being as powerful as darkness.

One's Will is a part of the True Creator that nothing else can remove, save by the freewill choice of the "owner" to relinquish it.

This freewill acts like a doorway to which only the "Source Within" has the key.

It is this key, so to speak, that darkness seeks to obtain via deception, programming, traps and other evil mechanisms so that It can eventually possess the Will.

False trap programing example...
-starts in childhood,injected with the program fear,shame,blame and guilt.

Parents and teachers(mind programed with the false believe to believe probably that they act with the best intentions),"encourage"(Ego competition programing)children by saying that they can achieve even more with a bit more effort. This applies in any field - education, sport, music etc.The underlying message, of course, is that what they're doing at the moment isn't good enough.

Keep repeating this often enough and it becomes a belief which is really difficult to change. The vast majority of adults have this belief to a greater or lesser degree. So, is it possible to love yourself if you believe that you aren't good enough?

The Authentic Freewill is our key to Liberation from darkness black magic programs.
GH Team

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