31 July 2018

"Breaking Point"

Louis Dyer
Very brief "Just Me" post.

As mentioned previously, I woke up this morning and kept getting "Breaking Point". I then thought of a Dear Soul who wrote to me a few days ago, about getting "Compression Breakthrough".

I would like to believe that they are connected :)  At any rate, a previous post by Anastacia Kompos talks about a "crisis point" occurring, and leading to the 8:8 Lion's Gate.

Many are feeling the powerful, massive intense build-up right now. I feel that if we see the pressure(s) upon us as this immensely high-vibrational energies and surrender to the cleansing and purification ~ inner work ~ AND....perhaps most important of all....to connect like never before to our I AM Presence, it would be highly beneficial.

The great collapsing of the lower realms is unfolding, similarly all inauthenticities within us must be broken down and released. Beyond this is the New.

Love and take care of yourself, communicate with your body daily, be in Gratitude, and ask your I Am Presence to co-create your path with you.

Namaste and Blessings!

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