07 July 2018

Celestial Alignments and Eclipses....Coming Up!

As mentioned several times before, ALL Planets and several asteroids will congregate on one side of our Sun around 9 July 2018. Then there is the Partial Solar Eclipse on 12 July, and the longest Total Lunar Eclipse in the 21st century set to occur on 27 July.

It is interesting to note that while the entire length and breadth of USA was affected by the Total Solar Eclipse last year on 21 August, the Total Lunar Eclipse will bypass the continent and instead focus on the rest of the world.

Additional sources:

All planets will align on one side of the sun in VERY rare cosmic positioning, what does it mean? ~Science Global News
(**Update: Please note that in the above article, 19 July was the date mentioned for this rare alignment. According to the Astronomy chart in MrMBB333's video, the actual date is 9 July.)

Partial Solar Eclipse 13 July 2018 ~ Time and Date

Total Lunar Eclipse 27 July 2018 ~ Time and Date

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