19 July 2018

Cosmic Energies

Yep....unstoppable Cosmic Energies coming in, no matter what, no matter whom. And no matter if existing low-tech devices cannot adequately detect them.

Source: SpaceWeather.com

SPOTLESS SUN SPARKS AURORAS: No sunspots? No problem. On July 16th a disturbance in the solar wind rattled Earth's magnetic field, sparking auroras over Canada and some northern-tier US states. Alan Dyer photographed the display from Bow Lake in Banff, Canada.

What a surprise," says Dyer. "Although the K-index was barely above 2, we saw not only a normal auroral arc, but also STEVE."

Short for "Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement," STEVE is a cousin of the aurora borealis. To the naked eye it looks like a pale pink or mauve ribbon of light cutting across the sky. Underlying the luminous ribbon is a hot (3000 degrees C) stream of ionized gas slicing through Earth's upper atmosphere some 300 km above the ground. It appears unpredictably during some, but not all, geomagnetic storms.

"During the STEVE show, the ISS made a pass, flying to the east toward STEVE," notes Dyer. "One wonders if anyone was looking down and might have seen STEVE from above?!"

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