08 July 2018

Cosmic radiation from giant star system heading towards Earth – NASA ~ RT ~ 4 July 2018

The Carina Constellation ~ this was the subject of some updates from Joanna Fay of Heart Star, who explained that the dark energy systems in the region have been cleared, and is now transmitting Divine Light. There is also a new Ascension Light Gateway that has opened, and is now assisting our Planetary Ascension process.

Please refer to Joanna's updates here and here.

Source: RT (includes video)

A star system containing two gigantic suns is blasting cosmic rays into space and NASA scientists have found that the radiation is making its way towards Earth on intergalactic winds. 
High-energy observations in the sprawling southern constellation of Carina had puzzled scientists for some time. But now a NASA orbital telescope has helped pin the energy source on Eta Carinae, a double-star system around 7,500 light years away from Earth.

It is already known that rays with energies greater than 1 billion electron volts are sprayed into our solar system. However, the erratic movement of the energy and sheer size of the great expanse previously made it difficult to locate some of the sources. Colliding stellar winds within Eta Carinae, which is surrounded by an hourglass dust nebula, have now been confirmed as a reason for the energy patterns in the region.
“We know the blast waves of exploded stars can accelerate cosmic rays to speeds comparable to that of light, an incredible energy boost,” said NASA astrophysicist Kenji Hamaguchi. “Similar processes must occur in other extreme environments. Our analysis indicates Eta Carinae is one of them.”
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