31 July 2018

Crop Circle: Hackpen Hill (3). Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire ~ 29 July 2018

For more, please visit Crop Circle Connector.


  1. Surely, this is the most complex and mystifying of this year's brilliant batch of british crop circles.
    I strongly recommend that the more artistically inclined, or those who love unsolvable mysteries, if you haven't done so already, spend ten spare minutes to explore the large collection of authentic documented images of this exquisite crop phenomenon visiting
    the Crop Circle Connector website. You can also view high quality drone videos and virtually fly over and around the Hackpen Hill site. You will see it is well worth the visit.

    1. Agree. 2018's batch has been very unique. I thought this year would be dismal, because they were on the decline (exactly what the makers had informed us a few years ago, that the crop circles will diminish in number) but no!

      This year's Circles seem to be created by different "makers" (for lack of a better word).