14 July 2018

Dry Weather Reveals Ancient Site in Meath's Boyne Valley ~ BBC ~ 12 July 2018

Anthony Murphy
A couple of links here that pertain to this recent apocalypse/unveiling. The first is from Emery Smith, who had on an earlier episode of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock sagely stated that Mother Gaia would be Disclosure. He was referring to the natural process of the ice melting in the Antarctic, eventually revealing the mothership buried there.

Here's what he shared just recently on his fb page:
Also, I wanted to share something I thought you guys might appreciate that someone on twitter made me aware of :) Please take a moment to read the first few sentences at least in this article. Remember when I told you all that it will be the Earth that achieves disclosure for us? 
This is the article to which Emery referred, video included:
And an earlier news article from Irish Times:

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