27 July 2018

Eclipse Gateway ~ Celia Fenn ~ 27 July 2018

Source:  Celia Fenn

So...here we go into the Eclipse Gateway!

This is a super powerful eclipse and I can already feel the energies swirling as we approach the threshold.

How exciting as the Aquarius/Leo axis of the Time Gates is activated in this powerful way.
The Total Solar Eclipse on a Blood Moon conjunct Mars will be the longest eclipse of this century.

It will power up energy to remove all that is not needed by your soul on its journey and make space for new incoming Diamond Light Codes that will activate your Diamond Light Body and prepare you for the path of your Soul in the New Earth.

It is going to be a crazy day/night energetically, so please look after yourself, stay out of drama, and focus on inner peace and the work of your soul. It is a great time to just be peaceful and creative and allow the powerful flow of Divine Light and Love in your life.

Have a wonderful day fellow Eclipse riders!


  1. https://we.tl/9EzmfLHHk3 (Link expires in a week from now).

    The 2nd chapter in the ebook in the above link has tons of interesting intel about a race of cosmic spiders, how some of them went bad (Chimera?) and enslaved and tormented humans with their hi-tech devices and also an interesting section on how we can destroy their grid with ..... an "anti-grid" ?!?!?! (Caution : Bit of the intel related to karma needs to be reconciled with Cobra's own take on the subject).

    1. Oooh....thank you so much!! I do appreciate your share and will post the link on my blog :)

      Don't worry about differing intel....I believe that no single source has all the answers. And ultimately, we have our own filters to go through when we get info or downloads.

      Many thanks once again, Blessings :)

    2. Oops. I just checked the Internet and see that this book is still being sold by the authors. So I think I'll just keep quiet about this and may all who are meant to see your link do so within the time period. With gratitude _/\_