13 July 2018

Education ~ Naomi Astral

Your ignorance is their power.

Source: Galactic Historian

”Education is designed to promote cultural beliefs

Education was designed to promote the governments view on culture, which actually has little to do with ‘truth’ or empirical evidence.

Schools and Universities are unable to deviate from the curriculum's which promote specific beliefs.

Universities are filled with government-sponsored professors who are threatened with loss of funding or loss of reputation if they fail to tow the line.

Museums were created to hide the truth – BOOM!

The same can be said for scientists, archaeologists, and anthropologists; they’re all government funded and mostly affiliated with universities, so they have to tow the government line. Museums were created to hide the truth and scientists exist to provide evidence to support the lies.

Museums are not only extremely selective regarding what they display, [ they often display a copy of an artefact which often looks nothing like the original] they regularly store away the most delicious and controversial artefacts from public view.

Whenever the government wants to adjust or create a new belief, they roll out a ‘scientist’ because people have been conditioned to believe them; or they fund a new study setting out the parameters to the scientists beforehand.

And when you’re being paid handsomely for research, whether you agree with it or not, it becomes a tempting paradigm.

The medical and pharma companies are full of unscrupulous scientists and clinicians who don’t give a hoot about your health, not when the money’s rolling in.

And those scientists who are unprepared to tow the government line simply don’t get employment.”
-Naomi Astral


  1. So true. So much hidden knowledge that we will never see or hear about.