29 July 2018

Emotionally Ready ~ Nova Biscotti

Source: Cobra Message

When the EVENT is finally triggered, we are all going to be novices... even the most connected insiders and awakened "experts" will be encountering a situation which has quite literally never happened before... anywhere.

Think about that and ponder it for a few minutes.

Once done, consider these words. All of the 3D bullshit - all of our hurts, emotional wounding, petty fights and squabbles with other people - none of that will matter anymore.

All that will matter is humanity coming together and working to permanently fix the huge mess that the Cabal has made of this planet via their greed and insatiable craving for control.

Initially, this means we have to all be safe... first as individuals, then as families, then as neighbors and coworkers, next as communities, and finally as nations and citizens of this beautiful planet.

It is time to release all negative 3D attachments. There will be no room for those in the new reality. We will all be too busy finally sharing all of the love and compassion which has been suppressed for millennia - there will be no more time to hate.

Let it go... let it all go. Get emotionally ready for the EVENT... right now.
~~~~~~~~Nova Biscotti

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